Friday 12 August 2022

Yong Yello


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Doors: 13.30

Park Den Brandt

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Once in a blue moon you get your hands on a record that completely blows you away. One that hits you where it hurts, but at the same time is so good you can’t put it down. You want to hear it again, and then again. Because it tells the truth straight to your face, and is prolific in musical invention. Marcel and the magnetism of the gutter, the debut of Yong Yello is such a record.

Until recently, Yello Staelens existed mainly in small print on record sleeves. As Tourist LeMC’s beat supplier for example. Or as the creative sparring partner of Glints. As a composer and producer he is responsible for the solo success of Noémie Wolfs. Nice references, but the need to tell his own story, in his own language, grew stronger and stronger. The result was the brilliant debut single ‘Als Ge Slaapt’. ‘Madness’ – the precursor to the first full-fledged album – was the confirmation, Yong Yello has something to tell. Raw and straightforward.
To label this hip hop would be selling the songs short. They also have flavors of funk and pure pop, even a hint of jazz.
The debut album Marcel and the magnetism of the gutter is a world record bursting with potential singles. Yong Yello took his time for this record but the result is brilliant. He’d better get used to the fact that from now on, his name will be written in a slightly larger font.

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Yello Staelens: MC

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