Friday 12 August 2022

Trombone Ensemble Nabou Claerhout


34€ (standard) / 24€ ( – 26) / 8€ (3 – 12 ) / 129€ (Happy VIP)

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Doors: 13.30

Park Den Brandt

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‘You Know’, the debut album of Nabou, the winner of Jong Jazztalent Ghent 2021, is one of the best Belgian jazz albums of 2021. And you can take our word for it when we say that Nabou Trombone Ensemble is a captivating live band. Moreover, a band with five (FIVE!) trombones is also just really cool.

Line Up

Nabou Claerhout: trombone
Peter Delannoye: trombone
Jeroen Verberne: trombone
Charalampos ‘Harry’ Chronis: trombone
Tobias Herzog: bastrombone
Gijs Idema: gitaar
Cyrille Obermüller: contrabas
Daniel Jonkers: drums

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