Saturday 13 August 2022

Karen Willems Terre Sol Four


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DOORS: 13.00

Park Den Brandt

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For many years, drummer and percussionist Karen Willems mainly played in the service of others. Doing so, she explored different genres, from pop and rock to experimental music and free improvisation. With Inwolves she explored her own path and recently, through the long-term project ‘Terre Sol’, she started a quest for the essence of her own music.

In a quartet, with saxophonists Vincent Brijs, Marc De Maeseneer and John Snauwaert, she explores the terrain between gnarly jazz and rock, with thunderous repetitions, ecstatic cries and an unstoppable drive. But even here Willems remains true to her vision: surprises are always lurking around the corner, as are moments of surprising contemplation. With ‘Terre Sol Four’, Willems presents a broad and adventurous sound with which she explores new territory: open, exciting, alternately subtle and powerful. At the same time, it fits perfectly in the mission of searching, feeling and letting go again, the spontaneous play with adventure and connection as common thread.

Line Up
  • Karen Willems: drums, percussion, vocals
  • John Snauwaert: tenor and soprano saxophone
  • Marc De Maeseneer: baritone saxophone
  • Vincent Brijs: baritone saxophone
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