Sunday 14 August 2022

Jef Neve ‘Mysterium’


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DOORS: 13.00

Park Den Brandt

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The renowned Belgian jazz pianist, composer and people’s favorite Jef Neve is a regular at Jazz Middelheim. With ‘Mysterium’ he goes in search of mystery, the beauty of the unknown and childlike naivety as a counterbalance to a world in which all information is readily available. A jazz band without a drummer, but with an impressive group of horns, wil evoque this world of mystery. The music is at once complex and surprisingly simple, aggressive and soothing, unforced improvisational and obligatory classical. The massive sound of three tenor saxophones is complemented by a trumpet and bass trombone, two extremes in the tessitura of the brass instruments. These horns interpret the internal contradictions in the music and take the audience into the mystery, into the liberating feeling of – for once – not having to understand everything, or anything at all.

Line Up

-Jef Neve: piano
-Jasper Høiby (DK): double bass
-Teus Nobel (NL): trumpet
-Nicolas Kummert: tenorsax
-Bruno Van der Haegen: tenor sax
-Andy Dhondt: tenor sax
-Pieter Kindt: bass trombone

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