Friday 12 August 2022



34€ (standard) / 24€ ( – 26) / 8€ (3 – 12 ) / 129€ (Happy VIP)

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Park Den Brandt

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Her hit single ‘Ain’t Chasing Pavements and Urban Mia award made Coely a musical icon, transcending national borders, generations, colors and tastes. Anyone who has enjoyed Coely live, knows that this is world class. A transcendental sensation that lifts the audience above from the daily routine and immerses it in Coely’s wonderful musical universe. A bucket list experience that is praised both at home and abroad. With new tracks that blur the lines between HipHop, Soul, R&B and Pop, Coely is all set for a festive summertime. She didn’t rush the successor of her golden longplayer ‘Different Waters’, but our patience will be rewarded big time.

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to be announced

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