Monday 15 August 2022

Aka Moon with João Barradas


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DOORS: 12.00

Park Den Brandt

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1992, Fabrizio Cassol, Michel Hatzigeorgiou and Stéphane Galland return home after a stay with the Aka, a Pygmy community. Inspired by their African adventure they found Aka Moon, a band that merges polyrhythmic and polyphonic interplay with jazz and improvisation. Aka Moon soon became a leading band in jazz and European improvisational music. For thirty years Aka Moon has been equal to the pure joy of playing music – constantly reinventing itself, often working together with guest musicians from different cultures – which has resulted in no less than twenty albums.
2022 is their anniversary year with an extensive club tour and several performances on larger stages. True to themselves, this anniversary year will not be a nostalgic look in the rear-view mirror, but a festive milestone that is, above all, a great opportunity for new collaborations.
A birthday concert by a group of this caliber was, of course, something we couldn’t pass up. And, to be honest, when there’s a reason to party, Jazz Middelheim likes to join in.

Line Up

saxophonist:Fabrizio Cassol
bassist: Michel Hatzigeorgiou
drummer: Stéphane Galland
accordeon: João Barradas

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