OVERSEAS « TAMAM MORNING » feat. Harmen Fraanje

Sunday 15 AUgust 2021 / 17.20-17.55 h. / Club Stage

Ihab Radwan (oud)
Toine Thys (saxofoon, bass clarinet)
Ze Luis Nascimento (percussion)
Annemie Osbourne (violoncello)
Harmen Fraanje (piano – invited)

Door of this festival day open at 12.30h.
This is a sitting concert day.
Tickets prices are 39 euro. Child tickets cost 8 euro (see conditions).
Your ticket gives you access to all concerts of this festival day.

Main Stage
20.00-21.30h. – Anouar Brahem ‘The Astounding Eyes of Rita’
18.00-19.15h. – TBA
16.00-17.15h. – Youn Sun Nah
14.00-15.15h. – Michel Portal

Club Stage
21.30-22.30h. – Le Ravage d’Ali Baba
19.20-19.55h. – DERvISH
17.20-17.55h. – Toine Thys “Orlando”
15.20-15.55h. – OVERSEAS « TAMAM MORNING » feat. Harmen Fraanje

Saxophonist and bass clarinetist Toine Thys has belonged to the Belgian jazz top for two decades. When he is not making his own music for a while, he is in the studio with Reggie Washington, Ben Monder and Jozef Dumoulin, among others. In short, the perfect profile to watch over the Club Stage on the last day of Jazz Middelheim – in three different guises.

As with Overseas, his collaboration with the Egyptian oud player Ihab Radwan. “Only those who have epilated literally every hair on their body will not feel anything standing upright when the two are busy,” wrote the French magazine Culture Jazz, after watching Overseas at work. “It was as if they were collectively hypnotizing you.” How? By spicing ancient Arab traditions with Brazilian rhythms and European classical music – thanks to percussionist Ze Luis Nascimento and cellist Annemie Osbourne respectively.