Day tickets, multi-day passes (2 or 3 days), youth tickets, children’s tickets and Happy VIP tickets are available in our ticketshop. A ticket gives you access to all concerts on the chosen festival day of Jazz Middelheim, not only the headliner!

Beware of ticket offers via fraudulent websites, second hand websites and social media! Only buy tickets through gentjazz.com. This is the only way to guarantee the authenticity of the tickets and avoid exorbitant prices!

Are you not able to come to our festival? Then sell your ticket(s) 100% secure via our official partner TicketSwap on www.ticketswap.com.

If a festival day is not sold out, you can buy tickets at the box office.

How do I buy tickets for Jazz Middelheim?

The only official sales point for Jazz Middelheim tickets is our webshop.
Vouchers can be used as payment in this webshop.

I want to sell my tickets, is that possible?

If you want to sell your tickets or take over someone elses, you can do so safely via www.ticketswap.be. We are not responsible for the authenticity of tickets sold on other platforms, via the comment sections on our social media pages or near the festival venue. 


How to redeem my vouchers

Voucher and giftcards can be used to pay in our webshop. Click the ‘discount code’-button during your purchase and enter the code to validate. 

Where can I find my voucher?

Vouchers to compensate for cancelled festival tickets have been sent to the email address that was provided when purchasing the original tickets. Please check the spam-folder or contact us via tickets@jazzmiddelheim.be if you have not received your voucher.  

Can I swap my tickets?

Apart from apparent mistakes during the purchase, this is not possible. Purchased tickets will not be taken back.

However, tickets can be safely exchanged or resold via www.ticketswap.be.  

If you have any questions about this, please contact us via tickets@jazzmiddelheim.be


Can I cancel my purchase?

Purchased tickets are not returned or refunded. If you have any questions about this, please contact us via tickets@jazzmiddelheim.be.

I bought tickets for the day with Iggy Pop in 2020, what should I do?

Great news! The Godfather of Punk will be performing at Jazz Middelheim on August 13. Ticket for the day with Iggy Pop in 2020 have been replaced by vouchers, sent to you via email to the address the original tickets were purchased with. You can now use the voucher to buy new tickets.  

Did you not receive the voucher? Not even in your spam folder? Then please contact us as soon as possible via tickets@jazzmiddelheim.be.

I can't come to Jazz Middelheim on August 13

You can use your voucher to buy tickets for any festival day you prefer, this year or in 2023.

How do I use a voucher?
  • Go to the ticketshop. 
  • Reserve one or more tickets for August 13. 
  • Click on ‘NEXT’ and fill in all your details.
  • Click again on ‘NEXT’ and then on ‘DISCOUNT CODE’.
  • Enter the code(s) from the voucher(s)/voucher(s) you received and click ‘APPLY’. 
  • Confirm your order and pay the difference if necessary.

Please note that tickets for August 13 2022 cost €64. The vouchers have the value of your ticket in 2020, that is €79. If you use the voucher for 1 ticket, you will receive a new voucher with the residual value. That new voucher can be used to pay for drinks at the festival. Claim your value at the info-point. 

Feel free to contact us via tickets@jazzmiddelheim.be if you have any questions.

Can I buy tickets on the day of the festival?

Yes you can! Tickets can be purchased at the entrance up to the start of the last concert or until the day is sold out. We do however advise to buy tickets in presale, the rates at the door are +€5,00.

Can I go to all concerts with my ticket?

As a lucky owner of a Jazz Middelheim ticket, you have access to the entire audience area of the festival and to all concerts. That’s at least five concerts or more than six hours of musical pleasure. Have fun!