Where does the festival take place?

Park den Brandt, Beukenlaan 20, Antwerp (Wilrijk)

How to get to Jazz Middelheim? 

All roads lead to Rome but the best way to get to Jazz Middelheim can be found via ‘Access‘.


Toilets on Jazz Middelheim are free of charge. Some are accessible by wheelchair. Please, help us keep these facilities clean and inform our staff if something is not right so we can solve it quickly. 

Urinating in the park is not allowed. Those who do so will be escorted off the festival grounds.

Can I leave and re-enter the festival grounds during the day?

Yes, you will get a wristband as you enter the festival. This bracelet will allow you to leave and access the festival grounds during the rest of the day. Always keep this bracelet on and do not try to loosen it. Without a valid and intact festival bracelet, you will no longer have access to the festival grounds or concerts.

I would like to help out at the festival. Where do I sign up? 

Cool! Mail to crew@jazzmiddelheim.be to get more information and register as a volunteer. 

Can I stay overnight at Jazz Middelheim? 

The festival has no campsite but the city of Antwerp has a lot of nice hotels and a campsite. We prefer August, our partner hotel, but feel free to explore the different options Antwerp has to offer. 

Are lockers available?

There are no lockers or checkrooms for visitors. So don’t make it too hard on yourself and don’t carry too much.


We try hard to create a crystal-clear sound at a pleasant volume but earplugs are available at the information booth if needed.

Can I talk during the concerts? 

Out of respect for the musicians and other visitors, we ask you to be as quiet as possible during the concerts, especially in the concert tent and right next to it. 

Do you want to have a chat? Great! Take a seat on the terraces a bit further away from the concert tent or wait until the concert is over. This way everyone can fully enjoy the festival. 

Are children welcome? 

We are a family festival, so children are most welcome. Children up to 3 years old can enter for free. 4 to 12 year-olds enjoy the children’s rate of 8 €. 

The children’s entertainment on site is included in the children’s tickets. 

Strollers are allowed. The venue is a park with ample shade but rain may make using a stroller challenging when leaving the walkways. 

I‘m coming to a seated festivalday, are the seats numbered? 

The seats in the concert tent are not numbered. You can sit wherever you want, except in the area reserved for VIPs. 

I’m visiting on Friday or Saturday, can I have a seat during the concerts? 

There are no seats provided in the concert tent on these days. Due to safety reasons, we cannot allow visitors to put chairs in the tent. Seats are available just outside the tent. We also do provide an area for wheelchair users and their companions that is also open to pregnant women and people who have trouble standing.   

Are the concerts seated or not? 

Friday, August 12: standing places only
Saturday, August 13: standing places only
Sunday, August 14: seated places only
Monday, August 15: seated places only

When do the doors open? 

Friday 12 august: 1.30 p.m. 
Saturday 13 august: 1 p.m. 
Sunday, August 14: 1 p.m.
Monday, August 15: 12:00 p.m.

Is the festival wheelchair accessible? 

Yes! If you need assistance to visit the festival, you can request a free ticket for your companion. 
Do you need help on site? Do not hesitate to address our staff.
You can find more information about this topic under ‘Accessibility‘.

Do you have a VIP-ticket? Please contact us to check if your VIP area is accessible or how to provide access (sales@jazzmiddelheim.be). 


Small backpacks and bags are allowed, but will be thoroughly checked at the entrance. There are no lockers on the grounds, so don’t make it too difficult/heavy for yourself.

Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed at the festival. We will make sure that you will not be hungry or thirsty.

Professional cameras, such as reflex cameras, are not allowed on the festival grounds. So just enjoy the concert. We will share photos taken by our festival photographers on Instagram and Facebook afterwards anyway.