Music is food for the soul. But if you are still hungry or thirsty, you will find a wide choice of food, snacks and drinks in the food stands on the grounds. If you eat vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free… you will certainly also find something to your liking. Take a look at the menu.


Alma Libre or free soul, that was often whispered in Karen Van den Keybus’ ear when she was in Mexico looking for the flavours of Mexican cuisine. Her Mexican food truck was baptised with this name, which was the start of a culinary success. The dishes give you an immediate impression of Mexican culture. By the way, you put together a bite at Alma Libre yourself. You choose a taco, memelita or totopo as a base, after which you can have it topped with black beans, Chicken Tinga, Chicken Mole or marinated pork. Add a tomato salsa, lettuce or guacamole and a topping of coriander, Queso Fresco or sour cream. Bon appetit!


No meat. No nonsense. An incredible love of good food and of our globe – that’s what Greenway is all about. At Greenway, they believe they have the power to change the world. Not from one day to the next. But one bite at a time.


A term invented by Jeroen Meus to describe a culinary hot dog, on which you can put just about anything that is left in your fridge. The first haute dog dates from years ago. Artisanal butcher Filip Rondou and a friend of his came up with the idea of making a more refined and pure version of the classic snack.

He embarked on a savoury sausage adventure and after months of refining the recipe he created Die perfekte Wurst für WÜRST Then artisanal organic bakery De Trog was called in to help the Würst team create the perfect sandwich to go with the Würst haute dog recipe.

A few tastings later, Würst was born.?


Started in the streets of Dublin with one simple idea – fish and chips evolving into something else. Our aim is to show everyone that fish and chips can be made with any fish from our beautiful ocean. Less demand for specific fish can only benefit the harmony of the ocean. Our first summer we sold Cajun Spiced Panko Mackerel with Lemon Cajun Sauce and our now famous different Seaweed Salted Chips! This inspired us to create over 60 recipes over the next few years.


Fan of desserts?
We do too! More than that, we are convinced that desserts deserve a place in a healthy and conscious lifestyle to be enjoyed together.

Carefree enjoyment of cake and sweets together, that’s what makes us tick! Madam Baker makes unique desserts with 100% natural products. All our creations are free of refined sugars, animal products and wheat so you can enjoy guilt-free until the last crumb.?


Just coffee? No! Let yourself be surprised by our delicious fruitpops, mocktails and coffee cocktails. What does Wilde Koffie serve? Beautiful moments and memories, delicious fresh coffee with beautiful latte art, ice pops and other goodies from beautiful mobile bars, ten cents per hot drink to charity and a good feeling!