Avishai Cohen Trio

Monday 16 August 2021 / 22.30-00.00 h.

Avishai Cohen – bass, vocals
Elchin Shirinov – piano
Roni Kaspi – drums

Doors of this festival day open at 14.00h.
This is a seated concert day.
Tickets price is 44 euro. Child tickets are available at 8 euro (see conditions).
Your ticket gives you access to all concerts of this festival day.

22h30 - 00h00 - Avishai Cohen Trio
20h30 - 21h45 - Joe Lovano Trio
18h30 - 19h45 - Philip Catherine 'Two Pianos'
16h30 - 17h45 - Pete Agora's Trio feat. Joe Lovano
14h45 - 15h45 - Lara Rosseel Band
Avishai Cohen and Jazz Middelheim are love at first, second and soon also third sight. The Israeli double bass player has touched thousands of souls at the festival over the past ten years. And this summer will be no exception. When he first played the festival in 2012, Avishai Cohen was one of the most promising artists on the bill. Since then, he has fulfilled that promise in such an impressive way that the musician is headlining on Monday, August 16, with his unique blend of jazz and classical music.

Cohen’s compositions are a subtle palette of global and historic impressions, interwoven with the complex tones of Afro-Caribbean music, Israeli folk and … classical music. What’s even more: his new album Two Roses was recorded with a symphony orchestra. And with a little help from Mark Guiliana on drums and Elchin Shirinov on piano. But no matter how great his love for classical music and symphony orchestras may be, Cohen will always be first and foremost a brilliant jazz musician with a passion for jazz trios.

Cohens composities zijn een subtiel palet van wereldse en historische indrukken, verweven met de complexe tonen van Afro-Caribische muziek, Israëlische folk en dus ook … klassiek. Meer nog: zijn nieuwe album Two Roses heeft hij opgenomen met een symfonisch orkest. Doen ook mee op het album: Mark Guiliana op drums en Elchin Shirinov op piano. Want hoe groot zijn liefde voor klassieke muziek en symfonische orkesten ook mag zijn, Cohen blijft in de eerste plaats een briljante jazzmuzikant wiens liefde voor jazztrio’s minstens even groot is.