Hungry or thirsty? Top up!

No endless digging for coupons in your pocket thanks to the rechargeable card. Do you still have credit left over from last year? Then simply transfer it onto your new rechargeable card waiting for you at the festival entrance!

Once on site, you can easily scan your rechargeable card at a bar or food truck. Takes literally 2 seconds. No more jazztons left? Recharge them at one of our charging stations.

FAQ’s rechargeable card

  • What is a rechargeable card?

An electronic payment card that replaces single tokens. You can easily upgrade it on the festival site at the charging stations. It is the only payment method. Paying with cash or credit card at the bars and food trucks is not possible. 

  • How/where can I get a rechargeable card?

Upon arrival at the festival you will receive a rechargeable card. If you already ordered credit in advance, please bring the pdf of your order and the amount will be deposited on your rechargeable card.

  • How can I recharge my rechargeable card?

On the festival site itself you can upgrade your rechargeable card at the info stand or at one of our charging stations. Here you can buy jazztons with cash or debit card and top up your rechargeable card. 1 jazzton = €3. 

  • How is my precharged credit placed on my rechargeable card?

Upon arrival at the festival, your ticket will be scanned first. If you already bought Jazztons, you will also have a voucher with a barcode. When it is scanned at the entrance, the amount is transferred onto your rechargeable card.

  • How can I check the balance of my rechargeable card?

You can consult the balance of your rechargeable card on your Jazz Profile via the website, on the rechargeable card tab. On the festival site itself, you can check your current credit at every charging station and at every bar.

  • The end of the festival is approaching and I still have money on my rechargeable card. What now?

The money will remain linked to your Jazz Profile. This means that you can continue to use the remaining credit next year at Gent Jazz Festival 2019 or at Jazz Middelheim.