At Jazz Middelheim we care for your health and that's why we offer a diverse and sustainable food options, taking diets and allergies in account. Eating good and healthy food, without feeling guilty about it. You should be able to choose delicious healthy foods everywhere, including at festivals, in which vegetables and fruit play the main role: we call it a balanced kitchen. Introducing handpicked food trucks was already one step in the right direction and we would like to continue that.

Healthy and fresh becomes the standard while enjoying great artists in a unique setting. And you can take that quite literally. The freshest vegetables developed into gourmet delights by two culinary architects, Frank Fol and Seppe Nobels. For years, Frank Fol was head of Sire Pynnock restaurant in Leuven, which immediately launched his career in the creative vegetable kitchen. Seppe Nobel's restaurant Graanmarkt 13 is renowned for its inventive and healthy food and has been named as one of the 25 best vegetable restaurants in the world. He is the forerunner of the new Flemish culinary wave that combines urban farming with organic terroir products. The chefs will work closely with J&M catering, the country's best catering company and for three years the loyal catering partner of Jazz Middelheim.

"Festivals have a bad image when it comes to healthy food. I've been calling for change for over 15 years now. When Jazz Middelheim asks me to help them, that is of course a honor but also a challenge I would like to take on."
- Frank Fol - De Groentekok®

Taste buds who envy your eardrums belong to the past now. But that's not all! Frank Fol and Seppe Nobels also invite you to their pop-up restaurant at Jazz Middelheim, where these vegetable chefs will serve you with healthy, fresh and culinary delights! Think Vegetables! Think Fruit! ® at its best!