Jazz Middelheim offers a cultural gift to the most beautiful mothers of Antwerp

It is clear to everyone by now that there will be a full and safe edition of Jazz Middelheim this summer. And on 15 August Antwerp celebrates Mother’s Day! No gift inspiration? Luckily we have something up our sleeve?

After all, after the past few months mum has earned a dash of live music, hasn’t she? That’s why, until 11 August, when you buy a Jazz Middelheim voucher for €30 or €60, you will receive one or two drink vouchers as well! And don’t worry: we will post the vouchers and drink vouchers for you as well, so they will arrive on time.

*1 drink voucher when purchasing 30€ and 2 drink vouchers when purchasing 60€

-Click on the day of your choice.
-Scroll down to ‘MOTHER’S DAY’
-Choose the value of your package (30€ or 60€) and the amount
-Go to checkout

Gent jazz

The earlier you order, the sooner everything will be sent by post.
Questions? info@jazzmiddelheim.be is your friend.

This parcel will be sent by post. All parcels purchased before August 11 will be sent on time. The parcel will remain available afterwards, but may not arrive on time for Mother’s Day. The gift voucher will also be sent via email with the purchase confirmation.


*the vouchers are valid for two years