What is the best way to buy tickets for Jazz Middelheim? Where is the festival located? How do I get there the easiest? What can I eat there? How do I pay for my food and drinks? What is the program of the jazz lunches? I would like to help out at the festival, where do I register? Are overnight stays possible? I stick around in Antwerp, what do I see, what do I eat?
You will find all the answers to these questions and more in the practical information
What is the exact line-up? Will we get a detailed program?
The full line-up can be found on https://jazzmiddelheim.be/en/program/. Keep an eye on this page for adjustments and additions. We also regularly announce new names on our social media.
Can I get food and drink at the festival?
A wide range of drinks and food will be offered, with delicious hot dishes and tasty desserts. Moreover, you will be served at the table. However, it is not allowed to bring food and drinks on the site.
Can I bring my own food and / or drinks to the festival?
Bringing your own food and drink to the festival is not allowed.
Is it possible to come to the festival in a wheelchair?
Yes it is possible to come to the festival with a wheelchair. We have tried to make the site as wheelchair-friendly as possible. You can also sit down at a table in your bubble and there will also be adapted toilets. If you need extra support, you can count on our employees.
Can my vouchers be exchanged?
Covid-19 has made sure that no festival could take place in the way it was planned. That is why the festivals were given the opportunity to convert the purchased tickets for this year into vouchers. This regulation is applied by all Belgian music festivals, and it has also already been ratified in a ministerial order to protect the festival sector and the music industry as a whole.
Is there a possibility to give a ticket as a gift?
It is certainly possible to give a ticket as a gift. You must enter the email address of the lucky person, and we will send him or her an email with the ticket to enjoy the festival.
Can I still exchange my tickets?
You can send an email to tickets@jazzmiddelheim.be
Can I still cancel my purchase?
It is not possible to cancel your purchase. If you have any questions about this, you can send an email to tickets@jazzmiddelheim.be
Are lockers provided at the festival?
Small backpacks and bags are allowed but can be checked extensively at the entrance. There are no lockers on the site. So don’t make it too hard for yourself and don’t lug it around too much.
Can I chat during the concerts?
Out of respect for other visitors and music lovers, we recommend keeping it as quiet as possible during the concerts. Between concerts it is of course allowed to have a chat with each other.
Are children also welcome?
Children are certainly welcome. Children up to 3 years old can come for free. A special rate of € 8 applies up to the age of 12.