Chantal Acda (vocals & guitar), Shazhad Izmaily (bass), Jean-Yves Evrard (guitar), Eric Thielemans (drums & percussion)

It has always been Chantal Acda’s secret dream to get three of her favourite musicians on stage together and at Jazz Middelheim she finally made it happen. That Shazhad Izmaily is one of those musicians just seemed to be logical. Graduated as a biochemist, the New Yorker decided to go for a career as a musician and played as a multi-instrumentalist on all three of Acda's albums. Combine this man with guitar virtuoso Jean-Yves Evrard and you will get a baking mix where we would like to lick the whole bowl. Evrard is mostly known from the band Mâäk's Spirit, but what you didn’t know is that he has more diplomas than the average Belgian politician. He graduated from three conservatories, moving on to the stage with guest roles at John Cage and Mischa Mengelberg concerts. Eric Thielemans is a lifelike inspiration for Acda. If you haven’t had the chance to see Thielemans at Jazz Middelheim last year, do something about it, and go watch this exclusive trio play an instrumental translation of the three Chantal Acda studio albums.

18U50 JM Club Stage

these artists also play on 04/08/17