The Cinematic Orchestra

Jason Swinscoe (electronics & keyboard), Tom Chant (saxophone), Sam Vicary (bass), Luke Flowers (drums), Dominic Marshall (keys), Oliver Johnson (keys), Larry Brown (guitar & vocals), Bev Tawaih (vocals), Heidi Vogel (vocals)

Time to brace yourself because we’re sure that you’ll be knocked right off your feet during The Cinematic Orchestra’s performance! This company, set up by Jason Swinscoe under the independent label Ninja Tune, is one of the most enduring and respected British acts in recent years. They’re able to make jazz sound contemporary like no other band can! They released a new single, ‘To Believe’, last year as a preview of their long-awaited new album. Since their creation in 1999, the band has ‘only’ released three regular albums. Ma Fleur, released in 2007, is still the most recent of their three LPs. With a brand-new album on the way and nobody who knows what direction they’ll be going in, it promises to be anything but an orchestrated affair!

21U30 Main stage

these artists also play on 04/08/17