Portico Quartet

Jack Wyllie (sax), Keir Vine (keyboard), Duncan Bellamy (drums), Milo Fitzpatrick (bass)

London’s Portico Quartet - previously known as simply, Portico - shot from a busking collective to a quartet that was nominated for nothing less than the illustrious Mercury Prize and which was brought into the famous Real World label by none other than the owner Peter Gabriel himself. Together with BadBadNotGood, GoGo Penguin, and our own Belgian phenomenon STUFF., they are a part of the vanguard of the constantly self-reinventing experimental jazz. Fans of Radiohead, Burial, Sigur Rós, and Flying Lotus will also find Portico Quartet very much to their liking. You can expect new music from their upcoming new album, as well as classical jazz, which is vibrantly enriched with drum machines and samples, combined with the exotic sounds of the hang (which looks either like a UFO or two woks welded together, depending on how you look at it). Purists and other jazz police need not apply, thank you.

15U30 Main stage

these artists also play on 04/08/17