Matthew Herbert's Brexit Big Band

23 June 2016, the day that the Brits decided to leave the EU. In response to this, Matthew Herbert launched his new project, the Brexit Big Band, “celebrating artistic and musical collaboration and communities across national borders”. The project started when the UK invoked Article 50 (and thus effectively started the process of secession), and will end in 2019, when he releases his newest album - at the same time that Great Britain leaves the EU. The Big Band gets bigger every day, given the fact that anyone can contribute by uploading a short sound fragment to the project’s website. When playing live, the band is an artistic party that, contrary to what its name might imply, focuses on musical collaboration without borders. Matthew Herbert has previously released creative projects that far surpassed the limits of the well-travelled paths of music. For example, he has made music using the sounds created by naked bodies, and recorded his albums on tortillas, calling it ‘Edible Music’. Talk about some interesting projects!

19U30 Main stage

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