Mark Guiliana Beat Music

Mark Guiliana (drums + electronics), Chris Morrissey (electric bass), Jason Lindner (keyboard)

The lines between acoustic and electronica fade when Mark Guiliana hits that first note on the batter head, and a deliciously synth sound fills the space. This is a blend that could easily go wrong, except when Mark Guiliana is controlling it all. A few years ago, after an intense world tour, this American drummer started up his own label, Beat Music Productions, under which he now produces his own albums. He won’t hesitate to throw a healthy portion of improv into the mix, or throw out the set list, resulting in an improvised, and instantly unique, concert. So get ready for an eclectic mix of jazz, soul, rock, electronica, and loads of samples performed by a progressive quartet!

17U30 Main stage

these artists also play on 04/08/17