Chantal Acda & Bill Frisell

Chantal Acda (vocals & guitar), Bill Frisell (guitar)

Friendship and affiliation. Two concepts that say almost everything about the relationship between these two artists. Apart from being together on stage, of course, Chantal Acda and Bill Frisell will get that chance at Jazz Middelheim. That Bill Frisell would play on her record was a foregone conclusion and immediately the reason for her visit when she flew to Seattle for just one day last October. The sequel was unannounced. Acda & Frisell had such an artistic connection that phone and e-mail conversations continued during the months after bthey had worked together. All this leads to the Club Stage of Jazz Middelheim for an undoubted sparkling organ point. Or the beginning of something new, who can tell. To be expected: two guitars, dancing with a voice.

20U50 JM Club Stage

these artists also play on 04/08/17