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13-23 august 2020

Jef Neve & Teus Nobel, Tutu Puoane, Mâäk Quintet, Tuur Florizoone, Joachim Badenhorst, Simon Segers, Karen Willems & Frederik CroeneBloednoot (Teun Verbruggen, Nicolas Rombouts & Tom Lanoye)  & loads more


Jazz is said to be not quite normal, according to some, so in times of COVID-19, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Jazz Middelheim is putting together an abnormal festival edition in Park Den Brandt: smaller, seated, in friends and family bubbles with table service, and with mandatory use of mouth masks when moving around the festival grounds. And all this out in the open – it doesn’t get any safer – and with at least one and a half meters distance between bubbles. In short: all government guidelines will be strictly applied and followed to ensure that Jazz Middelheim 1.5 is as secure as it is laid-back.